Rationale Skincare – #4 The Balm


The Story

A gift of intensive nourishment for delicate, fragile skin.

#4 The Balm imparts a sheer, comforting veil to soothe compromised complexions, empowering and restoring skin’s structural integrity. As resilience and harmony are rekindled, radiant potential is infinitely enhanced.

The Promise

Skin integrity is restored.

Calmness and resilience are cultivated.

Profound hydration delivered.

The Ritual

Apply liberally to dry or compromised areas.

Reapply throughout the day as often as necessary.

To discover how to introduce this formulation into your RATIONALE Ritual, connect with our Team of Skin Consultants.

The Science

A complex of Skin Identical phospholipids and polymers generate a biomimetic membrane to augment and fortify skin barrier function, increasing protection from external irritants and boosting moisture preservation.

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