Rationale Skincare – #4 The Cleanser


The Story

A luxurious crème creation, #4 The Cleanser elicits profound transformation; all remains of the day are gently removed, moisture and nourishment lovingly replenished. Quotidian cleansing is transcended, elevated to a rewarding experience for skin and senses alike.

The Promise

Skin is perfectly purified.

Precious nourishment is delivered.

Firmness and hydration renewed.

The Ritual

Massage cleanser over dry or damp skin. Rinse thoroughly with tepid water.

Follow with your RATIONALE Essential Six formulations for night.

To discover how to introduce this formulation into your RATIONALE Ritual, connect with our Team of Skin Consultants.

The Science

The skin’s intercellular lipids are vital to barrier function and cell-to-cell communication. These phospholipids have a gentle cleansing mechanism when combined with water, helping to eliminate surface debris while supplementing skin lipid reserves.

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