IV Drip Perth


Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

Vitamin therapy is an effective way to deliver nutrients and vitamins to the body because this technique works with the circulatory system. Supplements are administered directly into the bloodstream, by-passing the digestive system, making nutrients readily available for immediate use.

Vitamin therapy ensures close to 100% absorption for maximum effect and minimal waste. Because nutrients and supplements are delivered directly to the cells that need them, vitamin therapy has the potential to impact and improve the function of a wide variety of body systems.

GLOW – $279
This antioxidant packed infusion is a nutrient dense cocktail that helps gives you a glow from within. Boost collagen formation, brighten and hydrate skin, and increase strong healthy hair and nail growth. Absorb 100% of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to feel good from the inside out.

Improve your athletic performance and experience a faster recovery. Formulated to quickly restore vitamins and lost fluid, this treatment will help increase energy levels, replenish nutrients to repair muscles, and help high cellular and metabolic stress.

B COMPLEX – $249
Clear your mind and improve your concentration and focus throughout the day. Stay on top of your game and boost your memory, attention, mental speed, and mood.

Strengthen your immune system with a high dose of Vitamin C and B Complex to help boost your immune levels, support your brain function, nervous system, and red blood cells. Fight off infections with an improved number of nutrients your body needs to fight sickness.

Accelerate your metabolism and reach your weight loss goal with a highly concentrated dose of amino acids, electrolytes, multi-vitamins, and metabolism stimulator. Feel re-energised and maximise the absorption of key vitamins your body needs to help lose weight and recover faster.

A powerful drip containing high strength doses of antioxidants, amino acids, and nutrients. Boost the immune system, increase energy levels, improve mood, improve metabolism, support fertility levels and contribute to healthy hair, skin, and nails. This drip contains up to 2 months’ worth of vitamins.

The Drip IV version of the Myers’ Cocktail infusion is full of essential vitamin and minerals to help refresh, energise and recover the body and mind while boosting the immune system.

RECOVER – $249
Replenish your body after a big day or night within 30-60 minutes. Rehydrate your body, flush out toxins, restore lost nutrients, so you will be feeling back to normal in no time.

To have an iron infusion administered by our Registered Nurses you must have had one iron infusion previously, with no issues. We also require you to organise a blood test via your GP to check your iron levels prior to organising an appointment with us.

NAD+ INFUSION – $700 (or course of 3 treatments $1500)
Repair DNA, protect brain cells from damage, reduce inflammation, and stimulate enzymes that prevent ageing by replenishing cellular levels with NAD+. By promoting cellular regeneration, patients see an increase in energy levels, increased memory, and mental acuity. This can also be used to help with substance and addiction issues.

Recommendation: Weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions or customised depending on your concern.  Your Registered Nurse will consult with you prior to your treatment.  Packages are available for a discounted cost.

Choose from any of these vitamins to add to your treatment for an added boost:

  • B12 Shot: $35 (May boost energy and mood, support cognitive function and overall brain health, improve sleep quality)
  • Magnesium: $35
  • Zinc: $35
  • Selenium: $40
  • Taurine: $40
  • MIC: $40 (May accelerate your metabolism, enable faster recovery and enable you to reach your weight loss goals with a therapeutic dose of lipid metaboliser)
  • ALA: $40 (May support cellular energy production, may have an anti-inflammatory effect, may aid neurological health & replenish nutrients depleted due to illness or injury)
  • Post Virus Recovery Shot: $60 (May boost the immune system)
  • Tranquility Shot: $50 (May calm nerves, reduce stress & relax muscles)
  • Biotin Shot: $50 (May improve the condition of hair and nails & promote healthy glowing skin)
  • NAD+ Booster Shot: $100 (The NAD+ booster shot is formulated with the supermolecule NAD+, B Vitamins and Amino Acids. NAD+ is a coenzyme essential for several biological processes; however, many factors can deplete our NAD+ levels. Replenishing NAD+ levels can improve our overall well-being. This booster may support physiological functions including gut, heart, brain and eye health)