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AquaGold delivers active ingredients to a depth of 600 microns which is the ideal depth for maximum action of the custom cocktail.  The 24kt gold needles are finer than a human hair resulting in a painless treatment with no downtime unlike medical skin needling.

We can custom blend a micro-dose cocktail of wrinkle relaxers, hyaluronic acid filler, vitamins & antioxidants like no other.  AquaGold Treatments will target fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, redness and improve overall skin radiance.

AQUAGOLD Active – $450

(Delivering an exclusive blend of mesotherapy cocktails. AquaGold Active is designed to address and improve facial and aesthetic concerns with the use of dynamic ingredients. AquaGold active solutions encourage natural cell repair and improve tone, texture and clarity).

AQUAGOLD Boost – $600

(Our power house trio a carefully selected mesotherapy solution, wrinkle relaxers and our hydrating skin booster.  Aiming to improve the quality of the skin, encouraging cellular regeneration and providing an immediate tightening and luminous effect).

AQUAGOLD Luxe – $800

(With the use of “Liquid Gold” from Platelet Rich Plasma, AquaGold uses your own blood platelets to stimulate new cell growth, restore lost facial volume and refine fine lines and wrinkles. The ultimate youth elixir with added wrinkle relaxers and our hydrating skin booster).