Prin Flow Facial Kit


Prins Lymphatic Therapy at Home!

Each Kit contains – Lymphatic Therapy Powder, Activator, Facial Brush, Cosmetic Case & Instructions

The kit allows up to 5 ‘at home’ treatments as a guide

Nice Touch: The powder is pink and looks like a smoothie on mixing

Superstar Ingredients.

Davidson Plum Extract: includes powerful compounds Tartaric Acid, Gallic Acid, Quercetin, and Anthocyanin delivering natural solutions to premature ageing; neutralises enzymes that destroy connective tissue, protects against antioxidant damage, brightening, provides collagen support strengthening capillaries which provide more nourishment to the skin, and it’s also anti-inflammatory. *delivered in potent Freeze Dried form

Finger Lime Caviar: Barrier Support – soothing for sensitised and inflamed skin conditions. It improves the absorption of other ingredients and improves skin hydration.

Niacinamide: The Wonder Vitamin – B3 has a laundry list of benefits including sebum regulation, strengthening capillaries, and fading hyperpigmentation.

Aloe Vera Powder: Contains anti-inflammatory properties to reduce swelling and calm itchy skin conditions. Contains a high source of antioxidants with moisturising abilities to soften and nourish aged or damaged skin.


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