Perth’s Best Facials To Get You Glowing In 2022

Perth’s Best Facials To Get You Glowing In 2022

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Our skin has really gone through the wringer after the stressful years of lockdowns, border closures, and restrictions. And, with the need to still cover half our faces with masks, our skin could do with some TLC.

With new skin experts to follow on TikTok and all the extra time on your hands, you may have cracked the code when it comes to your at-home beauty routine. But some skin breakthroughs are only achievable when put in the hands of qualified skin experts. 

Aisling, a registered nurse with a post-graduate diploma in Cosmetic Nursing, leads The Skin Nurse, a team of Registered Cosmetic Nurses and Skin Specialists who treat your skin concerns using our range of personalised treatments.

So, what are the benefits of facials?

The key benefits of regular facials

A better understanding of your specific skin concerns and goals

We recommend a Skin Health Assessment for all our new clients to learn about their skin and understand what it needs to rediscover a beautiful and glowing version of yourself. We do a deep dive into your skin concerns, history, what habits or products could impact your skin and the best treatments to address your concerns. 

This holistic consultation lets us customise a skincare regime unique to you and deliver the glowing results you have your heart set on. Our assessments and expert advice take the guesswork out of purchasing your next cleanser, serum or moisturiser; instead, at The Skin Nurse, qualified professionals guide you and help reveal the beautiful skin you’re in.

Detoxification through exfoliation

Every day we unknowingly expose our skin to a number of pollutants. While we can alleviate the impact through daily cleansing, toxins absorb into our skin over time, and a build-up can occur. Some facials help by delivering deep penetration into the skin, dislodging dirt, removing dead skin cell build-up and any excess oil to let your glowing complexion shine through! The simplest way to do a deep facial cleanse is with our Hydra Facial treatments. 

It’s a preventative treatment

Not only do facials work to un-do past damage, but they also work to future proof your skin. Regular facial treatments and skincare routines help maintain and treat ongoing skincare concerns, like acne, breakouts, congested pores and signs of early ageing. Let’s look at tackling skin ageing, for example. 

We naturally lose 1-2% of our collagen every year, which is the key to keeping our skin supple. To tackle the loss of collagen as we get older, The Skin Nurse offers treatments to boost skin elasticity, tighten the skin, and decrease fine lines and wrinkles. 

Investing in regular facial treatments improves the effectiveness of your at-home products too. Using unique skin solutions that remove your skin’s rough, damaged surface, we prime the new layer we want to target. The new, decongested layer of skin allows the active ingredients in your skincare products to reach deeper into your pores and skin, rather than sitting on the surface because of clogged pores, dead skin cells, and sebum. 

Different kinds of facials and treatments The Skin Nurse offers in Perth

Clinical Corrective Peel

The corrective peel treatment addresses sun damage, pigmentation, rosacea, congestion, large pores, and melasma. Corrective peel treatments also improve your skin texture. 

We customise individual treatment plans to address any skin conditions and do manual extractions (if required and at the discretion of your Skin Nurse).

We recommend addressing the signs of ageing in these areas early as they are the culprits who give away our age. Our Clinical Corrective Peels pricing starts at $199 for 45 mins, with décolletage and hand treatments included for just $50. 

Epi Blading Treatment

Epi-blading is a painless, safe and highly effective clinical treatment to exfoliate the skin evenly and deeply. 

The team at Skin Nurse use an Epi-blade to exfoliate the skin manually. We use this treatment to improve your skin’s texture and remove fine facial hairs while significantly increasing the effectiveness of your skincare products. 

We highly recommend these treatments to those who want immediate visible results. Our Epi blading skin treatments in Perth begin at $199 and include a dermal boosting mask and Healite LED treatment. At our client’s request, we can also include an Enzyme Gommage for an additional $30, an Enzyme Brightening Peel for an extra $60, or a HydraFacial for $100.


The HydraFacial is a fabulous non-surgical skin resurfacing treatment that achieves the results of an advanced facial in 30 minutes without any downtime. 

At The Skin Nurse clinics in Perth, our HydraFacial treatments exfoliate, clear blocked pores, and deliver nourishing antioxidant-rich serums deep into your skin for immediate and noticeable skin tone and texture improvements.

We always suggest this treatment to clients wanting to experience the amazing glow that only HydraFacial can deliver and improve the health of their skin. Our HydraFacial pricing for a 45 min treatment of the face and neck includes a Healite LED treatment and a hydration mask. Upon request, we can add a HydraFacial Décolletage & Hands treatment for only $50. 

Prin Lymphatic Enzyme Therapy

The Lymphatic Enzyme treatment stimulates and clears blockages in the face and neck’s lymphatic system. Lymphatic Enzyme treatments work at the dermal layer, the lymphatic and vascular networks in the skin, to clear toxins and feed the cells.

At The Skin Nurse, we use Lymphatic Enzyme treatments to treat acne and congested skin or help those suffering from breakouts. 

This treatment is our top recommendation for those struggling with lacklustre, dehydrated skin and those who want an extra boost of nourishment to rejuvenate their skin. Our PRIN’s Lymphatic Therapy Facial is $229 for a 60 min treatment, or $299 for a 75 min treatment with Epi-Blading. 

RATIONALE Photogenic Facial™

A RATIONALE Photogenic Facial™ consists of discussing any skin concerns and a deep cleanse followed by a personalised prescribed treatment based on the skin’s condition.

The skin experts on staff at The Skin Nurse assess your skin in a private consultation, prescribe a unique treatment and apply it. We then use LED Light Therapy to stimulate blood flow and increase collagen production.

This type of facial is definitely a must for those who want hydrated, supple and radiant skin. Our RATIONALE Photogenic Facial™ with LED Light Therapy is a 60 min treatment that costs $210. 

Perth’s Best At-Home Facials And Skincare To Get You Glowing In 2022:


Enjoy 5 Prins Lymphatic Therapy treatments at home with a Prin Flow Facial Kit. The Prin kit includes:

  • Lymphatic Therapy powder
  • Activator
  • Facial brush
  • Cosmetic case
  • Instructions for your treatments

CIT – Home Needling Kit

The CIT pack from Environ lets you take control with your own home needling kit. Environ CIT needling kits include:

  • ENVIRON Instruments Cosmetic Roll-CIT
  • ENVIRON Instruments Cleansing Solution

Lira Clinical:

Lira BIO

Lira BIO is a range for all skin types that works to hydrate and restore your skin.

Lira ICE

The Lira ICE skincare range works to balance skin with potent anti-inflammatory, redness-reducing and brightening ingredients to help clarify your skin.

Lira PRO

The range by Lira offers expert exfoliation, anti-aging and skin brightening benefits at home to target all skin conditions.

Lira MystiQ

The Lira MystiQ range offers luxury at-home treatments to brighten and bring out the radiance in your skin.


The Skin Nurse offers the Essential Six Signature Edition range by Rationale. Rationale’s at-home skincare plan provides skin with nourishing protection during the day and revitalises and repairs your skin at night.

For glowing, smooth skin you just can’t get enough of, browse our range of extraordinary and effective facial treatments here. If you would like to book a Skin Health Assessment, get in touch with us and let us craft a bespoke skincare plan just for you. We can’t wait!

Book A Treatment

If you feel your skin needs some proffesional treatment then don’t hestiate to reach out to the Skin Nurse Team. If you’re unsure on what you require, we can advise you on the best options based on your feedback or you can book the treatment with us.


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