The Health Benefits of IV Drip Treatments

The Health Benefits of IV Drip Treatments

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If you keep up with the wellness trends of the rich and famous, you may have spotted IV bags dotted amongst your Instagram stories, hooked up into the arms of celebs and influencers alike. What is an IV drip, and why does everyone who went to Coachella have one?

IV (short for intravenous therapy) is a medical practice to deliver essential fluids, medications and nutrition into a patient’s vein. Except they aren’t just found in hospital corridors anymore. Boasted benefits of IV drips include increased energy levels, promoting weight loss, cleansing of toxins and curing hangovers. Their presence at Coachella makes a lot of sense now.

How does an IV infusion work?

A nurse will insert the IV line into a vein on the wrist, elbow or back of the hand and the line is attached to a bag of solution. The solution’s contents will differ on the recipient’s needs but are most commonly made up of saline, vitamins and electrolytes.

Please note, IV treatments can be referred to as IV drip treatment or IV infusion, but these differ from an IV injection. An infusion/drip treatment uses the force of gravity for controlled delivery of the solution into the bloodstream. In contrast, an injection uses a syringe to force the fluid into the body.

The IV fluid transfers straight into the bloodstream, bypassing your digestive system. This means you feel the restorative benefits sooner, even while still in the treatment! By now you may be wondering, what are the IV drip benefits we speak of?

What are the benefits of IV drip treatments?

IV treatments have shifted from a universal health practice to a wellness trend in recent years. Now the lustrous benefits of IV treatments are available to common folk regardless of health status. So what benefits are on offer?

Emergency rehydration

The drip method of inserting essential fluids straight into your body is one of the fastest ways to get rehydrated. Hydration is vital for the body to function and regulate, so if you are particularly inhibited from doing that (ahem, major hangover) an IV drip treatment might do the trick. Not just hangovers, but this rehydration can cure brain fog, feelings of fatigue, headaches and even ease jet lag.

Boosts nutrients levels

Depending on which IV cocktail you choose will depend on what nutrients you will absorb. Some common additions to this wellness concoction include vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, B vitamins, calcium, amino acids and antioxidants. If you have a B-12 deficiency or celiac disease, an IV treatment can replenish the vitamin deficiency. With these added vitamins and minerals, overall wellness can be restored with increased energy levels, relaxation and boosted cardiovascular function.

Beauty treatment

Believe it or not, IV drip treatments can be fabulous as part of your beauty regime too! Specially crafted beauty IV solutions are packed with antioxidants to boost collagen, promote healthier hair, strengthen nails, hydrate and brighten the skin. Promoting glow from the inside out, IV treatments with essential antioxidants target and remove free radicals, molecules we fight off due to their ageing and tissue-damaging properties.

We know so much about IV drip benefits because we use them all the time! At The Skin Nurse, we specialise in IV treatments in Perth, with numerous IV cocktails on offer. Our IV solutions are customisable, with additional vitamins available to add if you require them. You can browse our IV drip options here to read up on their specific benefits or our nurses will advise you on what you need at consultation.

Book A Treatment

If you feel your skin needs some proffesional treatment then don’t hestiate to reach out to the Skin Nurse Team. If you’re unsure on what you require, we can advise you on the best options based on your feedback or you can book the treatment with us.


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